Joylab Rewards Terms & Conditions

Joylab™ Rewards is a rewards programme owned and operated by Joylab Group Limited (Manager or we).

Joylab™ Rewards entitles Reward Members (Member, you or your) to earn Joylab™ Reward Dollars on eligible purchases made in any participating hospitality establishment in accordance with these terms and conditions (Terms).

A list of participating establishments can be found at (Participating Establishments). Participating Establishments may also display signage indicating they are part of Joylab™ Rewards.

Reward Dollars are non-transferrable and non-assignable and are not able to be redeemed for cash.


It is free to become a member of Joylab™ Rewards.

By registering with Joylab™ Rewards or by utilising a Joylab™ Rewards card you agree to these Terms. We may alter these Terms from time to time. If the Terms are changed, we will inform you of these changes using the contact details contained in your profile information at the time of the change. Regardless, we recommend that you review these Terms from time to time for any changes.

To become a Member of Joylab™ Rewards, you can sign up online at, or in person at a Participating Establishment by picking up a Rewards Card so you can start earning Reward Dollars immediately. However, you can only redeem Reward Dollars after you have completed the online registration process. You must register online and link your card to your account by clicking the ‘ADD CARD’ button to enable you to redeem your Reward Dollars. All personal details and profile information given to Joylab™ Rewards must be accurate. It is up to you to keep your profile information up to date and to ensure that all personal details are current at all times.

The Manager may terminate your membership with Joylab™ Rewards without notice if you do not comply with the Terms.

A Member may at any time terminate his or her membership by giving notice to Joylab™.


Reward Dollars may be earned every time a Member makes a qualifying purchase at a Participating Establishment. Reward Dollars cannot be earned on purchases paid for by the redemption of Reward Dollars, on “EFTPOS cash-out” transactions, deposit payments or on purchases of specials or promotions.

To accrue Reward Dollars, prior to making any payment for a qualifying purchase at any Participating Establishment simply present your Joylab™ Rewards card or provide your personal details. Any Reward Dollars earned will be added to your account.

Joylab™ Rewards Members earn 1 Reward Dollar for every NZ$10.00 spent in any one transaction. Reward Dollars can be earned on qualifying purchases up to a total spend of NZ$10,000 in any one day.

A record of all Reward Dollars earned will be kept in the Member’s account maintained on the Joylab™ Rewards system.

Any alleged inconsistencies in a Joylab™ Rewards Member’s account should be reported to the Manager. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the Manager is final and binding.


Redemption of Reward Dollars can only take place after registration has been completed online at

There is no minimum redemption level, and Reward Dollars can be redeemed at any Participating Establishment. Each Joylab™ Reward Dollar is equal to NZ$1.00. For example, a Member who has 10 Joylab™ Reward Dollars is able to redeem some or all of them by deducting up to NZ$10.00 from any qualifying purchase.

In order to redeem Joylab™ Rewards Dollars, you must present your Joylab™ Rewards card and inform staff at the Participating Establishment of your intention to use Rewards Dollars to pay/part-pay for a qualifying purchase. You must do this before completing payment for the purchase.

You cannot sell or convert your Reward Dollars into cash.

Following the redemption, the number of Reward Dollars redeemed will be deducted from the Member’s Reward Dollars balance. The oldest Reward Dollars will be deducted first.


Reward Dollars will automatically expire and become void 183 days after the date on which they were accrued. Accordingly, they will be deducted from the Member’s account balance at that time.

If Reward Dollars are added to a Member’s account in error or fraudulently, the Manager may deduct those Reward Dollars. If Reward Dollars were earned on a transaction that was later cancelled, refunded or voided, the Manager may deduct those Reward Dollars.

If either you or we cancel or terminate your Joylab™ Rewards membership, any unused Reward Dollars become void.

We may discontinue or suspend Joylab™ Rewards at any time without prior notice. If Joylab™ Rewards is discontinued, you will have three months in which to redeem any unused Reward Dollars. After this time, your Reward Dollars will be void and your Joylab™ Rewards membership terminated. You will not be able to accrue Rewards Dollars from the date Joylab™ Rewards is discontinued.


All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness for purpose, or safety of any goods or services supplied under the Joylab™ Rewards membership are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law.


All personal information or material that you submit to this site is subject to Joylab’s Privacy Policy . The Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms.